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The ripples of revolution are now reaching the shores of the West End!  URINETOWN, the satirical musical comedy that was a sold out splash hit at the St James Theatre arrives in London's West End at the beautifully refurbished Apollo Theatre.  Award-winner, Jamie Lloyd (Richard III, The Commitments) directs this sharp-witted rampant riot of a show that tells the tale of a town fit to burst; spending a penny can prove problematic in a place where the privilege to pee has become a punishable offence. There is no such thing as rent free relief until our young hero, Bobby Strong, appears – with more than a good set of pipes – and starts a revolution!
Sometimes all you need is a drop of a hope to change the world.

Make sure you catch this truly hilarious and critically acclaimed audience favourite when you're in town.
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Full Cast Announced for West End

Celebrated actor Simon Paisley Day, Nathan Amzi recently seen on The Voice UK and rising star Matthew Seadon Young join the previously announced Jenna Rusell, Jonathan Slinger & Marc Elliott who will all reprise their critically-acclaimed roles running at The Apollo Theatre from 29 September.

Further cast announced today are Alasdair Buchan, Christina Modestou, Kane Oliver Parry and Vicki Lee Taylor.

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Opening night at @urinetownuk :)

Opening night at @urinetownuk :)

And that's how it's done. Snuff that girl!! #SlowMo #UrinetownUK

And that's how it's done. Snuff that girl!! #SlowMo #UrinetownUK

The Apollo Theatre - @urinetownuk

The Apollo Theatre - @urinetownuk

Don't be the bunny...

Don't be the bunny...



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